It's Just a Matter of Time
Gordon Tant, 2010

18th August 2010

Gordon and I met in a graveyard for the shoot.  I was already there with our photographic art group Catch Light Collective doing a self-portrait about death (as you do).  Gordon works at his day job very hard and was running late, giving us limited time for the shoot.  He was very efficient.  Lights in place, model (me) positioned, framed up, lights tested, lights adjusted, shoot.  It was over and we were off down the pub before you could say 'mine's a pint and the lady will have a lemonade'.  The speed of the shoot makes the title of the image all the more intriguing, as time did matter on this occasion.  But I'm sure that is not what Gordon is referring to when he titled it.

Gordon had an idea for my portrait before the day.  He asked me to bring a long coat and a sly smile.  He brought a hat and a pair of goggles.  He positioned me very specifically.  In a way, this shoot and the final image are both very 'me' - theatrical and dark.  The title, the dark clothing and the protective goggles all point to one thing in my mind, that I'm going to do something very, very bad.  And messy.  Gordon has started to expose the dark part of my mind.  I wonder if anyone else will explore it further?