Wendy Grant, 2010

15th July 2010

"A maternity and newborn photographer by trade, Wendy wanted to show me in her portrait as a mother.  Undoubtably the largest part of who I am, it made a lot of sense for a photographer to explore this side of me.  

My son, ShutterBaby, decided that Wendy's arrival would be a good time for a nap, so it was opportunity for us to have a cuppa and a chat, which really set a laid-back mood for the shoot.
Once ShutterBaby awoke we got straight to it and although Wendy's presence was obvious, it never felt intrusive and the whole shoot felt very natural, which is quite a new thing for me as I'm used to performance and drama!  I simply played with my son.  I tried not to think about what might look good but did catch myself posing!  The funny thing is, the images that worked best are the ones Wendy capture when I wasn't trying to look beautiful or motherly or arty.

The photograph Wendy has chosen is my favourite from the session too.  The image feels alive - I'm engaging with my son and he's engaging with me, there's a connection.  The photograph challenges the notion that a family portrait should be full of 'look how happy we are' smiles.  Smiles are nice, but this captures something deeper."

"Usually my main focus is on the children but yesterday's shoot for Shutterbetty was different in that I was tasked with the challenge of creating my artistic interpretation of S instead. I never arrive at shoots with preconceived ideas as I like to work WITH my clients capturing them as they are naturally. Being in 'total control' of this one I decided that it was still the soft, nuturing side of S that I wanted to capture, so approached the session in much the same way with just a little more emphasis on S."