Born to Inspire 
Dave Pearson, 2010

15 March 2010

I wasn't expecting my first Shooting ShutterBetty portrait.

I had invited my good friend and fellow photographer Dave Pearson to the opening of my latest solo show in Milton Keynes.  We were having a fabulous conversation about photography when he asked to photograph by feet.  Just like that, out of the blue.

There was no underlying sauciness to his request.  Dave had seen my attempt at geek-chic and was inspired by the Converse All-Star and maxi-dress combo.  But more relevant was his reflection on a series I did in 2007 called 'Born to Recover'.  This was a collection of images of the feet of women who, like myself have stopped drinking and now lead a sober life.

So he has turned my own work on myself.  This portrait I feel is of me in 2007 when I made the original work, of me over the past seven years as a sober woman and of me now as an artist, trying to find my way to success.